What is Roe V Wade?

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, was a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restrictions.

It was decided on January 22, 1973, by a majority including Blackmun, Burger, Douglas, Brennan, Stewart, Marshall, and Powell. A rehearing was denied in 1973 and it has since never been challenged in the Courts.

It has recently come back up in the news with the majority-conservative judges being open to possibly overturning the decision. A draft majority opinion was drafted and leaked by a clerk in 2022 which has brought the spotlight back on Roe v. Wade.


How is Roe V Wade Impacting North Carolina?

The United States Supreme Court appears ready to strike down Roe v. Wade in 2022 according to a leaked draft opinion on May 2, 2022. If the decision is overturned, it would change a lot in this country. Abortion could be tightly restricted in as many as 28 states shortly after Roe is abolished, according to the NY Times.

In North Carolina, abortion would remain legal, but there are major restrictions, including a required ultrasound and a 72-hour waiting period. Any abortions after 20 weeks would likely be illegal.


What Would the Removal of Roe V Wade Do In North Carolina?

We are a purple state. Not blue, not red when it comes to this issue. If RvW (Roe v. Wade initials) is overturned, we have a Democrat governor. Unless we have a supermajority, abortion will continue to be part of NC DNA. Currently, Charlotte is considered a destination location for abortions.

With the overturn of RvW, we would become an even bigger draw for those around us looking for an abortion. We already see advertisements from Florida to NC and SC to come to Florida for your abortion. It could be: come to North Carolina for your abortion, depending on what happens in the starts around us.

Sadly, the role of the Pregnancy Resource Center, or PRC, has been miscast. Recently, we have seen PRC’s around the country being looted, burned, defaced, and destroyed. This is because some groups think we are making people have their babies. We’re not sure how this would take place, but we assure you, here at Gate PRC, we cannot make anyone do anything.

PRC’s spend time solving problems. Most girls consider abortion because they have pressing needs that they don’t see a way around. Oftentimes, our job is to help figure out a way around that financial, abusive relationship, addiction, housing, joblessness (and more) issue. We are connected to a number of wonderful organizations that step in to help.

It is our experience that once you solve the underlying problem, abortion was not what they wanted and is no longer the answer they thought it was. PRC’s are help centers. PRC’s are also education centers. It is our desire to provide these soon-to-be parents with all they need to be the best parent possible – even if their childhood was not the best.

With the removal of RvW, our education arm could become even more powerful in helping this birthing generation prepare for their family life. Most feel insecure and unprepared for parenting – that’s where we come in. We help with pregnancy, parenting, and even life-balance issues.

Helping Dad participate from the very beginning – he may not have the cravings, but he can understand what is happening inside of the mom’s body and appreciate the changes and challenges.

When that little one arrives, both mom and dad step in with confidence on how to care for their newborn. Should there be life issues like finding a job, writing a resume, creating a budget, or keeping a budget, yes, those are just some of the life balance issues we can address.


So Where Does NC Pregnancy Resource Center See Their Future if Roe V Wade is Overturned?

Still providing abortions, unless a supermajority happens at the midterms. We are preparing for an increase in abortions, but praying for a pro-life supermajority.