Gate Pregnancy Resource Center - Your Best First Step

Pregnancy Clinics Mooresville, North Carolina, and Iredell County

In the aftermath of Roe v Wade, we are proud to provide the services that pregnant women need in Mooresville and Iredell County. We support women from any walk of life and in any stage of pregnancy. Whether you’re thinking about abortion, or have had one in the past- Gate PRC is here to guide you through all your pregnancy options. You don’t need to travel far for the best pregnancy care in your state. 

Our Pregnancy Clinics Near Mooresville, North Carolina, and Iredell County

We provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds*, and abortion counseling to the area of Mooresville and Iredell County. Our trained medical staff is prepared for any questions, concerns, or issues that arise during your pregnancy. We’re happy to help confirm your pregnancy and refer you to our OGBYN to continue your care. 

*Free Ultrasound provided after a positive in-clinic pregnancy test.

Gate is More Than Just Pregnancy Support Center

Here at Gate PRC, we empower women to become the Mom that God designed each of them to be. We cater to the needs of women who just don’t see any other option besides abortion. Together, we open up minds and speak up for the voiceless humans awaiting a chance at life. 

Gate PRC is the pregnancy plan you never knew you had access to- and needed. We break the stigma of society’s “one size fits all”. As we walk this path together, we will devise a customized plan to set you up for success in parenthood. Our goal is to walk alongside you to help become the mother you never knew dwelled inside of you.