With SCOTUS sending Roe v. Wade back to the states, we are starting to hear more about Pregnancy Resource Centers than ever before. This week Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts attacked Crisis Pregnancy Centers as “evil” saying, “Crisis pregnancy centers that are there to fool people looking for pregnancy termination help outnumber abortion clinics by 3-1. We need to shut them down all around the country.”

When I came to Gate PRC two years ago, I knew very little about the inner workings of a PRC center. Like most Christians, I understood PRCs worked with pregnant women who were in crisis. They were good people, doing good work, but I couldn’t really tell you what that good work was. As I began my career with Gate, I leaned heavily into my strengths as a change management consultant and started reviewing PRCs what they are, what they do, and weighed that against our demographics and what they needed from us. Here is what I found: Not all PRCs are the same. Where I anticipated a general standard of practice among PRCs, there was none. Each PRC worked independently and operated as they felt necessary. There are basically three types of centers: Medical, Education, and combination. Let me explain the differences.

The differences between the three types of Pregnancy Resource Centers:

1. Medical Centers

This seems to be the latest and greatest push for PRCs. They provide medical-grade pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to their clients. Statistics tell us that up to 90% of women who see an ultrasound and hear the baby’s heart will change their mind and carry their baby to term. These are phenomenal statistics and indicate to me that having the ability to provide an ultrasound is imperative at a PRC.

The downside of stand-alone medical clinics is after the initial visit and a second or possibly third ultrasound, the client leaves the care of the PRC, sometimes at just 8-10 weeks pregnant. The client is now left to navigate the pregnancy without the support of a PRC. It has been said that an abortion vulnerable woman will make the decision daily (often several times a day) to carry her child until birth. In North Carolina, they can have an abortion up to Week 20 of their pregnancy. That means, for seventy days this mom must make the decision to carry on her own. Fight with Baby Daddy, bad grades in school, kicked out of the family home – no matter what happens – the fight has to be in her to determine to continue to carry. That is a lot to expect.

2. Education Centers

On the other end of the spectrum are centers that do not provide pregnancy tests or ultrasounds. That is what Gate was, when I came two years ago. They provide resources, education, and training for expectant moms through one-on-one coaching, videos and group classes. They also provide material goods like diapers, car seats and pack n’ plays for the mom to prepare for her baby.

While this is an admirable approach, the women coming to these clinics are already pregnant and have determined to carry their child. The programs provide education, but they are not supporting the mom in crisis over the pregnancy.

3.Combination Centers

As you can imagine, this includes a wide variety of services from medical offering an occasional group class to education centers that provide self-service pregnancy tests and everything in between.

What Makes Gate Pregnancy Resource Center Different?

After reviewing all the different options, Gate has decided to intentionally offer a holistic approach. We offer life, eternal life, and quality of life to all our clients.

Life: We share the beauty of the life through ultrasound and have seen women change their minds and carry their baby to term because of the ultrasound results. We have also seen women see life and although they do not feel they can support the baby – they are willing to carry the child and provide a life-plan of adoption.

Eternal life: We share the good news of eternal life with every client that comes into our doors. We do not require them to be Christians, in fact, we have several non-Christian clients who have different belief systems. Knowing how Christ has changed our life so dramatically, we are compelled to share that good news. It’s up to the client to determine what to do with it.

Quality of Life: Our education program provides moms and dads with the opportunity to prepare to be the kind of parent they want to be. Our training starts as soon as mom finds out she’s pregnant and continues until the baby turns one. Utilizing one-on-one bi-weekly coaching, over 200 English and Spanish videos on pregnancy, parenting, and life balance issues, as well as group classes on preparing for delivery, breastfeeding, infant CPR and car seat safety, parents will feel prepared to welcome their new one into their homes.

At Gate PRC we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our programs and make the pregnancy experience the best it can be. Whether an unexpected pregnancy, or a long desired one, we help parents prepare and become the parent they want their child to have.

It seems like the recent Roe v. Wade ruling has everyone talking about PRC’s. Given that, I thought you might appreciate some additional information on what we do and how we do it. Now when you hear Sen. Warren, or others, say PRCs are evil and need to be closed, you now know the truth about what we do and how important we are to the communities around us.